Apple Pie Fundraiser



Families of Divine Savior,
One of Divine Savior’s biggest fundraisers is our Apple Pie Sale. This year we have set out goal to sell 2,500 homemade Apple Pies! We decreased this amount due to having to adjust our production process and having more cleaning in place during production. To accomplish this, we need everyone’s help. There are several ways that families are asked to help. Please read the information below and if you have any questions feel free to email Danielle Ehlenbeck, pie committee chairperson.

Selling Pies
We ask that each family sell 100+ pies. Pies are $15 each and are offered in regular or low sugar. When you sell please collect payment for the pies. Checks should be written out to you and forms are due by September 11th. Payments do not need to be turned in until after production, in case something happens, and we cannot follow through with our production. You are responsible for delivery or pick-up of all the pies you sell. Please indicate on the order form if you or the customer will be picking up the pies. It is also important that you write a phone number on the order form, in case some of your pies are not picked up by September 26th and we can contact you.

Working during production
Each family is required to work 20 hours during the production of apple pies. There are opportunities on Wednesday, September 23 during the morning for the pre-mix, Thursday, September 24, after school for set-up and all-day Friday and Saturday, September 25 and 26, for production of the pies. These hours can be filled by any high school student or adult. Family and friends can help fulfill your hours. NO students in 8th grade or lower will be allowed on the production floor this year.

The shifts are 4 hours and there is a 15-minute gap between shifts to allow for extra cleaning. If you work the 5 am-9 am shift, at 9 am you will be asked to clean the station you are at. If you are doing the next shift as well, you will still clean but then go back to work at the same station.

Sign up will be done via Sign up Genius and you will be signing up for a specific station to avoid congestion on the production floor. If you need help with sign up, please contact Kelly Hunsader. We will have a binder with a page for each family, that you will sign in and sign out of when you work. If you do not complete these hours your family will be charged an additional $300 towards tuition.

Food for workers
During the production days, Friday and Saturday, we normally provide food for all the workers, but due to the restrictions put in place due to Covid-19 we will not be providing food this year. People can bring in their own to eat during their shift.
Danielle Ehlenbeck


It's that time of the year again! It's time for our Annual Apple Pie Fundraiser! Please see the attached link to sign up to volunteer to make pies! This fundraiser is a volunteer requirement and if you are not able to volunteer for 20 hours, an additional $300 will be added to your tuition bill.


Apple Pie Order Form (pdf)